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What is a Styled Shoot?

I am glad you asked. I didn't know what this meant until I became a Celebrant, now it's a normal part of my vocabulary!

A styled shoot (when talking about ceremonies & especially weddings) is a day when suppliers come together to style a venue & the models; we bring our best supplies and selves and we get lots of photos of it all. These photos can then be used by all the suppliers to promote what we do on our various social media accounts, websites and more. They can also be used in publications, which can be pretty epic.

Ultimately, a styled shoot's main purpose is to help suppliers promote ourselves. Its other main purpose is to showcase fantastic inspiration for those getting married (or wanting other ceremonies). You get to see how your wedding day could look. It gives you great ideas and a starting board for your day. It also helps you choose suppliers for your day!

What specifically can you get inspiration for? Practically every aspect of your wedding day. The invites/stationery, the ceremony, the venue, the dress / suit / outfits, the hair, the makeup, the jewellery, the shoes, the flowers, the set up of the venue. Not every styled shoot shows every aspect, some have more, some have less. All depending on what the organiser wants to showcase.

Who works on the styled shoot? All the suppliers who create the above list of items! All of whom should be tagged and named in photos and videos shared so you can look them up and ultimately, get in touch with them if you love their items!

For a supplier we get so much more than simply showcasing our items/supplies/talents. We get to meet each other, connect and collaborate. It is my favourite part! After all, two of my values are connection and community. Meeting new suppliers or working with them means I get to know them and in turn can suggest them to you for your ceremony.

It is important to remember that your day does not need to look exactly like the photos of a styled shoot, they're an example of what you might like to have. Make sure you look at lots of examples and photos to help you bring your day to life. And get in touch with us for a chat, we want to help you get your vision right!

So there we go, styled shoots are a promotion and inspiration tool and they're also fun to work on!

I can't wait to share the styled shoots I have been a part of and shout about all the wonderful suppliers! Keep any eye out in the next few posts...

Till soon

T x

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