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Choosing wedding suppliers you actually like

Celebrant holding a wedding ceremony folder giving wedding advice about choosing wedding suppliers

When choosing wedding suppliers for your wedding, choose people you get on with, people you could become friends with. Choose those you'd call to go on a night out. You know the type, the ones who will make sure you get home safely after a bloody good 'knees up', the ones who will hold your hair if you throw up.

It doesn't sound that weird, does it? After all, you'll be spending a good few hours with your suppliers on one of the most significant days of your life. They'll be hobnobbing with your closest loved ones! (do you hate the word "hobnob"? Me too... I just realised!)

For example, the photographer will be taking a fair few photos of you and stay with you all day, a celebrant tells your very personal story, the DJ plays your favourite tunes, to name but a few. Some of you will have a fair few wedding suppliers to help make your day a success.

Not only that, you'll also be spending a fair few months ahead of time planning for the day. Which includes being in regular contact with those suppliers to make sure everyone is "singing off the same hymn sheet" (so to speak).

Your wedding suppliers help you make your day perfect. A good, trustworthy and authentic supplier will also want your day to be amazing and will work really hard to make sure that happens. Just as your very closest friends would.

Now I know! We get paid. After all, this is our livelihood, so you would expect that we would want to do our very best to make sure your day goes well - we want to get paid.

For many of us, that is not our sole motivation and I know I am not speaking for all suppliers out there. Some are definitely just in it for the money, and so be it. I also know that doing this work isn't like doing admin for a boss - I know because I have been an administrator in a past life (among other jobs). Those of us who work in the industry of weddings do so because it is our passion. Which is so much more than just work or a job or a business. (but that is another blog post for another day)

We genuinely do our very best to make sure your day goes really well, we meld and mould to work around our fellow suppliers to achieve almost perfect results, especially for you! We spend long hours researching, organising, creating to help your day go as perfectly as possible.

A good, trustworthy & authentic supplier will want your day to be amazing . They will work really hard to make sure that happens. Just as your very closest friends would.

Now, those "friends" of yours who leave you in a drunken heap alone on a night out are like those suppliers whose main focus is money, they aren't fully invested in you or your day. Sure some of them will do a fantastic job of it and things will go well, some will almost certainly do a mediocre job of it and things will seem ok but might feel off-ish.

(I said what I said)

Your friends who make sure you get home safely and definitely don't judge you for throwing up on their good shoes while also holding your hair back, those are the friends you'd want to organise, host and, create your perfect day. The suppliers who care. The suppliers who become firm friends and will miss you once the day has ended and the very last streamer is tidied away.

Choose those wedding suppliers for your wedding day!

Choose wedding suppliers you actually like!

Let me hold your hair while you throw up, I've got you! (I promise I wont charge extra)

(c) T. Ribeiro

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Go ahead, choose a fun, fab, friendly Celebrant today!

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