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There are no rules!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

So, you want to get married but you genuinely don't like all the faff of a wedding, not to mention the cost and the planning, the stress and everything else that comes with it.

I'll let you in on a secret - there are NO rules - it is all made up!

Ok, there is the legal aspect, so getting the legalised bit sorted is legal and stuff. You can take care of that easily enough, without much fuss, you'll only need two witness & a few other bits but you don't even need to dress up for that if you didn't want to. (do check your local registry office for their processes)

Everything else, and I mean everything else, is made up.! Traditions from years back about how to dress, who to have as bridesmaids / best men / flower girls, someone has to give away someone, where to stand, words to say (not counting the legal stuff), colours, vows said, rings exchanged, family involved, speeches given, money spent, locations, etc and so on. It's all made up. There are NO rules!

No, genuinely, I really mean it.

There are no rules!

Phew, now isn't that a load off?

So when a family member or good friend (or even bad friend) suggests that you should absolutely have to sit Aunt Jan next to cousin Jack or that you have to have something blue or that you can't see each other before the day or that you must exchange rings or that you can't absolutely not walk down the aisle on your own or god forbid, walk down the aisle together - tell them it's your wedding and YOUR rules! Or rather, tell them it's all made up, you're deciding your day and absolutely most definitely, YOUR way!

I have used a lot of exclamation points to make my point, but I really can't stress enough that your wedding really is what you make it and you can make it anything you as a couple want to make it.

If you're unsure how that will look for you as a couple or even how to step away from traditions without hurting family members, look out for future blog posts where I will talk more about that & give some hints and tips.

If you're in more of a hurry, get in touch for a chat. I'd love to help you come up with some ideas and answer all your questions.

You're still wondering if it's true...? It most definitely, absolutely is true - it's all made up - and you absolutely, definitely get to decide what your wedding should look and feel like!

Now, isn't that absolutely, definitely, wonderfully fantastic?

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