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Celebrant v Registrar

Sign saying let us compare a celebrant vs registrar

You're getting married and there are SO many things to consider, it is a menagerie of options, seemingly never-ending.

Choosing who does your ceremony is no different. Most everyone knows you do the legal, almost boring bit before the party to properly celebrate.

There seems to be a new thing in town, a Celebrant, I hear you say (I definitely hear you say, because that's what I am, but go with it, I have a point if you stick with me a little longer)

I also hear you say, but that's not the traditional way and really I don't know that much about celebrants, don't I need to do that legal stuff where I sign papers and so on? You know, the bit where we say some perfunctory vows and a serious man (or lady) says a bunch of things and we all look at our watches hoping the drinks aren't getting warm while we try desperately to stay focused?

Ok, ok, I am sounding mean, but some wedding ceremonies are truly boring. When I did a survey (almost 3 years ago now), most people said the thing they look forward to at a wedding is the party where everyone gets to eat and let loose, definitely not the ceremony.

That's where Celebrants come in!

Now, for any registrars reading this, don't get angry, I am simply stating facts. For those who truly want a registrar wedding, I am also not judging you, we all want different things and if that's what you want you should definitely book a registrar wedding.

For those who truly want to set a personalised tone for their fun, non-traditional wedding day - you should choose a celebrant!

Quick sidenote: yes, if you want to legalise your marriage, you need a 2 by 2 ceremony with the registrar to sign paperwork and say some legal words. This can be done before or after your wedding date at the registry office. Please check your local council website for more information.

Regardless of who you choose, it's good to know some facts to help you make the decision on who you would rather have for your wedding ceremony.

Disclaimer: I am definitely biased, being a celebrant and all, so the following infographic is heavily in favour of using a Celebrant, however it is useful to see the differences and hopefully help you make informed choices for your wedding ceremony!

Inforgraphic with celebrant vs registrar facts

There you have it, Celebrant v Registrar. The list isn't exhaustive, it is a good start to help you make the right choice for your wedding day.

If you'd like to know more or would love a chat to discuss how a celebrant can set the tone for your wedding day, I would love to hear from you - get in touch!

(c) T.Ribeiro

I'd love to know your thoughts on today's post, please leave a comment in the box below or come chat with me on Instagram: Ribeiro Ceremonies 

Next week: "A chat with a Wedding Supplier"

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