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Answering all your questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch, I'd love to answer your questions!

Questions & answers


Are Celebrant weddings legal?

Currently, the law in England doesn't allow us to do the legal part of a wedding. However, you can do the basics with a registrar (2by2), where you sign the official documents. Then you leave all the glorious ceremonial elements to your Celebrant!


Where can we do our ceremony?

Any location you like, as long as you have acquired the permission to use the location.


If you don't do the legal part, will my wedding "look real"?


Almost all the parts of the ceremony we traditionally know are ceremonial. The vows, the kiss, the rings, your readings. All of those can be done during your ceremony if you want them. We can also do photos of a commemorative certificate which I can create for your special day


Are the prices I see, the price I will pay?


There are extra charges for mileage over 50miles from my base location. (at 45p /m)

There are potentially extra charges for elements in symbolic rituals, but only if you require me to supply those elements 

Both of these will always be mentioned before you pay your booking fee


What types of naming ceremonies do you do?

Baby naming, renaming, additions to the family, changing your name. If there is something you would like specifically, get in touch & I'll work with you to create it.


Can I do things my way?

Absolutely! It's your wedding, it's your day, it's your way. If you know you want something different but unsure how that looks, let's have a chat and bring those ideas to life.

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