When trying to arrange a funeral, I struggled to find anything different to the usual, traditional way of doing things. 

Something people don't realise is, there are options for something else - a different way of having your funeral or your loved ones funeral. It does not have to be the expected traditional funeral which has always been done.

The wonderful part is, the legal part of registering a death is done completely separately to a funeral or Celebration of life - this gives you the freedom to have exactly the send off you want for yourself or your loved one!

Something a little different 


If you are planning your funeral & know that you don't want the usual traditional type of funeral, maybe something more quirky, different to the usual, but want your family to be able to say goodbye while also celebrating your life -

a Life Celebration is a great way for your family to say goodbye. 

If you have lost a family member and want to honour them but it would be too difficult for you to speak about them or tell their story, let me tell their story for you. Either at a traditional funeral or perhaps at a later date by having a Celebration of life.

I'd like a non-traditional Celebration of Life, what do I do next?

Great question!

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I get all the information required to create a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one

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