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Ceremonies by T

Humans need ceremony, whether for a special or a sad occasion. There is a instinctive need to mark those occasions with words & ritual while coming together as a community. Together we can share those special moments, support each other & celebrate.


When you choose me as your Celebrant I listen to your journey & craft a script telling your story.

It will be all about you, it will be original, it will be memorable!

Take a look at some of the types of ceremony I do ... more to follow soon!



Authentic, Fun, Original


You're getting married & want the ceremony to reflect you as a couple. You want something different to the norm, but not over the top

Let's create an original, fun, memorable ceremony.


Vow Renewals

Reaffirm your Love

Celebrating your life together, your milestones, and your journey to this, the here and now. And celebrating your future!

Let's create a fun, authentic ceremony reaffirming your commitment to each other


Naming Ceremonies

Joyful & Memorable

Celebrating a new life, a new name, a new member in the family? 

It's absolutely time to celebrate!

A fun, non-traditional, memorable ceremony to help you set the tone for the start of a new adventure into life.


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