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Ceremonies by T

Humans need ceremony, whether for a special or a sad occasion. There is a instinctive need to mark those occasions with words and coming together in community. Together we can share, support, celebrate. Together is always better.  I value community & togetherness.

As a Celebrant I conduct ceremonies which bring communities together through storytelling.

Click through to find out more about each type of ceremony I do.



Original Personalised Ceremony


Wedding planning includes figuring out how the ceremony will go. Let me help take the stress off your shoulders.

Let's create an original, fun, memorable ceremony.


Vow Renewals

Perfectly Planned

Celebrating your milestones, celebration your journey until this point. Celebrating your future!


Naming Ceremonies

Stunning and Memorable

A new life, a new name, a celebration!


An addition to the family, welcoming wider family to celebrate!


Changed your name, it's absolutely time to celebrate!


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